Lord, I thank you for the completed work of redemption on the cross. I believe I’ve been redeemed, blood bought by the covenant of grace. I declare that old things are passed away and all things are become new in every aspect of my life. Amen.

Ever wished you could start over? Or that certain opportunity be repeated? Probably all of us have longed for another chance in some areas of our lives. The truth is, we can’t go back only forward into uncharted territories.

Meanwhile, in the effort to move forward into an unknown future, we do not have to fear as we can trust the one who holds the map. His name is Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus as the Way holds us by the hand and aligns our lives to God’s perfect will. Although that He is the way does mean the road would be smooth, sometimes He carries us through, and sometimes He guides us through.

Jesus as the Truth confirms and convinces us of the will of God especially when we are faced with lies, deception and errors orchestrated by the deceitfulness of sins. Jesus as the Life becomes our source of strength and supplies sufficiently through life’s journey so that we will not die in the way.

Thus instead of lamenting on what ought to have been but never be; instead of grumbling and doubting God’s faithfulness; instead of allowing regret and unforgiveness to jump the window of your life to rob you. Why not open the door for the Lord to restore you and trust him in the process of trusting.

It is never too late to start all over. Starting over could mean giving your life to Christ, rededicating your life to him or trusting him once more. Whichever way, we can still trust the one who knows the reasons behind the pains. He knows what pain is because he went through a lot of it as a common criminal so that you and I can become uncommon celebrity. He really loves to start over with you, don’t give up on him or yourself because no matter what, he won’t give up on you.


‘Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith … consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.’ Hebrews 12: 2a, 3

‘Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal.’ Isaiah 26:4



I have the joy that flows from the heavenly river of grace and I draw from the wells of my salvation in times of need. The Lord is my source and Sustainer and I’m strategically repositioned for greater things. All previous bitterness has given way to days of pleasantness. It is a season of celebration for me.

Just as the day starts from midnight and birth dawn, so is the taste of the leaf called, ‘bitter-leaf’. As its name implies, it sorely bitter. However, after chewing it, whatever you eat or drink afterward taste pleasant.

That was the story of Naomi and Ruth. The former has been widowed and buried her only two sons as a plus to her grief, while the latter was the wife of one of the sons. Actually, her name (Naomi) means Pleasant but her experience of sorrowful sojourn to a foreign and paganised country was nothing to write home about.

Truly when she got ‘home’, there was no welcome party or any paparazzi of interview about her trip. The result of searching for greener pasture was written all over her. Perhaps she was even looking ‘greener’ because the women obviously could not recognise her.

She was supposed to come back with her family and with baggage of gift to give to whoever comes to welcome them. But no! She came with nothing except a ‘strange’ girl as handbag. And despite her regret and woes, Naomi’s life was eventually translated to what her name meant and even much more.

May be, you share similar experience or much more. Whichever way, no one would wisely counsel you to ignore it never happened. Dear woman, it did happen real and it was awful. The good news is something is about to happen to you: it is real too but it’s going to be wonderful.

The signature of all sad events seems like a permanent tattoo but there is a power that can erase it painlessly. The horror may have brought speechless tears; the honour that angels are bestowing on you will bring speechless tears of joy.

Sincerely woman, you are too powerful to be defeated just as Jesus is. No matter what has bend you or how long you have been bent, the right hand of the Lord still does valiantly, it will straighten you and you shall be lifted up.


‘When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.” Then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God,’ Luke 13:12, 13


Thank you my loving Father for another brand new day for a new me. Today has been designed by the Lord for my ultimate good. I say amen to all my hopes and heart desires. I say congratulations to all my expectations. Amen.

When the Israelites went through the red sea successfully, their initial proclamation was thanksgiving to the miraculous God. It was not time to gather facts and figures on how wide or deep the sea is or to estimate the statistic of the slain Egyptians.

In fact, at that point in time, they forgot two seasons: the past and the future. They spontaneously praised God laying aside the servitude experiences or the wilderness in their future.

Making the past a burden is like driving but looking at the rear view mirror. Worrying about the future is like degrading the magnificence of God- because He is the only one who knows it. You cannot but embrace each new day with fresh hopes.

Today has never been and will never be. Thank God for a beautiful day by confessing it is as the Lord’s day. It is not a day which your past has made, it is the day which the Lord has made and the angels are awaiting your response of unparalleled rejoicing. Praise and worship is always refreshing because it melts troubles and woes as ice before the sun.

Yes today is unlike no other day, a new and limited edition of you is emerging because God is set to do some things like no other!


Praise be to the Lord, to God our Saviour who daily bears our burdens.’ Psalms 68:19


Father I thank you for the gift of your love through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I was in God’s mind at creation and still in His mind as glory-in-process. I am not accidental in the scheme of God’s timing or an after-thought. I am a woman of grace and favour. God loves me so dearly regardless of what has happened of I’ve done. Hallelujah!

Grace is a word that defines itself by personal experiences or others testimonies. Some defines it as the unmerited favour of God. It can also be an acrostic that says, God’s Riches At Christ Expense. I prefer the definition that says it is the undeserving yet unconditional love of God. So when something happens and defies all possible and natural parameters, then grace is at work.

That was what happened at the cross of Calvary; Jesus Christ deliberately went there in order to take up humanity sinful place for God’s divinity phase. It was a substitutionary assignment. Jesus did his homework perfectly, it was 100% victory. He didn’t go there on holiday; it was as a divine requirement for the conditions of righteousness we (the old nature) failed to meet.

However, we have refused to ‘cross’ the sinful state to the blessedness of God’s grace. The work of salvation done through Jesus does not involve humanity contributions, so why act as though it could be earned. When law came boldly etched by the finger of God, nobody could keep it. The dos and don’ts of the law only arouse sin but it never arrests it.

When God wanted to stop the widening gap between sin and righteousness, He thought of an unconditional condition. That was Grace; it is the currency that opens God’s love account for you and the withdrawal of his love and mercy is unlimited. This was done in order that where sin overflows, grace can flood in; where sin measurably increased, grace can immeasurably increase. So that when sin was infinite, grace will be infinite, where sin was colossal, grace will be super colossal and where sin abounds, grace can super abounds. It seems we all subconsciously know that, but to fully accept it has been a challenge.

Grace received but unexpressed is abusing grace. When you accept it by faith as a gift that it is, it becomes amazing grace; it not only changes your relationship with God, it changes and beautifies you. Lack of faith is sin and to be lagging in grace is to be exposed to devil’s insult and disgrace.

Grace is what changes our identity and nationality. The embassy is Zion, the visa is faith and what makes your permanent permit enjoyable is to be fully aware of your new status in Christ. It is more than adequate; it is the abundant love of God. It may be rejected but it can never be denied.


For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast.’   Ephesians 2:8, 9